Conference Center

The Lavrion Technoloigcal & Cultural Park has a rich history of hosting cultural events as well as corporate meetings and presentations, fashion shows, photography, social events and various events, including television and film shooting. More specifically, since 2005 in the LTCP premises there have been held more that 40 evens. The area has hosted, among others, 5 photographs (mostly fashion related), 5 product marketing presentations, 7 meetings of major companies, about 20 film, television and video clips shooting, etc. Also a number of music events (Synch festivals, MAD secrect concerts), and several concerts of classical and modern music have taken place.

The facilities available for the organisation of events, are:
  • The impressive Villa Serpieri, a one-storey neoclassical building made of stone, with a wooden roof, originally functioned as the residence of J.B. Serpieri, director of the French Company. Today it has been fully renovated and has been turned into an ideal venue for holding conferences and events. The five meeting rooms of Villa Serpieri can host small-scale professional or social meetings and accommodate up to 120 people. Serpieri I, II, II and IV are located on the ground floor of the building. Each covers an area of 30 s.m. and has a separate entrance, making them ideal for workshops and small meetings. Serpieri I and II, and Serpieri III and IV are separated by means of inner doorways, whereas rooms Serpieri II and III also have doors leading to the foyer. Serpieri V, on the first floor, covers an area of 40 s.m. and a U-shape arrangement.

  • The Farmakio building is located next to the Villa Serpieri. It is a one-storey building that originally served as the central pharmacy of the French Company. Built of stone, with wooden and metal beams, the building consists of two rooms (Farmakio I and Farmakio II) without inner divisions. Both rooms have modern technological equipment. Farmakio I, on the first floor, has an area of 110 s.m. and can house up to 120 people. Farmakio II, on the ground floor, has an area of 70 s.m. and can accommodate a total of 80 people.

  • The Michanourgio originally constituted the maintenance facilities of the entire complex and supported production. It was one of the first and best-equipped machine shops of modern Greece. The building  is of  500s.m. and can host 500 people. The materials used for the construction was stone, wood and iron. Museum exhibits preserved at its northern side create an atmospheric setting for conferences, as well as for high-quality cultural events.