11th Mediterranean Film Festival

The 11th Mediterranean Film Festival which will be held for 3rd consecutive year in LTCP from 6 - 9 September 2008 is dedicated in the memory of the Egyptian film-maker Youssef Chahine.

You can find all the details in the official programme.





10th Mediterranean Film Festival

The 10th Mediterranean Film Festival has successfully concluded on October 9th.
With stable core thematic axes Political Documentary, Work, Immigration and portraits, a total of 29 films from France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Tunisia, Palestine, Egypt, Cyprus, Portugal and Greece have been shown to audience.






11th ACUUS Conference "Underground Space: Expanding the Frontiers"

The 11th  ACUUS Conference "Underground Space: Expanding the Frontiers" was held in LTCP from 11-13 September 2007. The conference was organised by the Lab. of Mining and Environmental Technology of the NTUA. It is unanimously believed that the 11th ACUUS Conference was one of the most successful events in the history of the organization, having 220 registered participants from 18 countries around the world, more than 400 attendants and 90 scientific papers. This, altogether with the quality of the papers, the spectrum of ideas and multidisciplinary approaches gave ACUUS a new momentum that can help a lot in our common goal, the promotion of underground space development worldwide.