Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP), is a body of scientific research, education, business and culture. Founded in place of the old French Mining Company of Lavrion (Compagnie Francaise des Mines du Laurium) in 1992, as a result of the initiative undertaken from the National Technical University of Athens.

LTCP aims at linking scientific and technological research conducted in Athens with the needs and interests of the business world to the realization of cultural events related to the promotion of the history and culture of the wider area of Lavreotiki and the emergence of the history of activities in the past had developed in the maintenance of premises. The LTCP area is a unique monument of industrial architecture and archeology and placed him in a series of housing facilities for business and research excelence.

The services provided by LTCP as well as its renovated facilities, continue to support research, education and technology. Today, LTCP is essentially the only Technology Park in Attica, which specializes in areas - keys of modern applied technology, such as information technology, electronics technology, telecommunications, robotics, technology laser, environmental technology, energy, shipbuilding , Marine technology, etc.

Environmental Remediation

The National Technical University of Athens Asset Management and Development Corporation (NTUA AMDC) undertook, under the Program “Competitiveness”, funded by the Ministry of Development and the EU, the implementation of the project: "Soil Rehabilitation and supplemental infrastructure at Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP)" for purposes of conducting a vital environmental intervention on a heavily polluted site like LTCP. more...

Information of the hazardous waste landfield site in LTCP

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Lavrion History Video

Lavrion History Video
Watch a short extract from the mining history of Lavrion.

News - Interest in "Creativity"



The LTCP is interested to compile a list of artists and creators in Lavreotiki region, the purpose being the creativity development and the promotion of common ideas in cultural activities. The fields that participants could be involved are theater, architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, music, dance, cinema and contemporary applied arts (video art, graphic design, etc.).

Those who are interested can fill the form and send it to d_balopita83@hotmail.com.
For any further information please contact at the phone number +30 22920-25316.


LTCP montly magazine 

In the monthly magazine of LTCP readers will learn the news of the Park and the updates on current developments. 



Lavrion Technological & Cultural Park provides a Helpdesk to support Enterprises


In the frame of KnowInG Project - Knowledge Intelligence and Innovation for a sustainable Growth – Lavrion Technological & Cultural Park of the National Technical University of Athens, provides a Helpdesk to support entrepreneurs in the field of Creative industry. The aim is to provide help in the development of EU and National research projects proposals in all stages of the procedure, that is: Conceptualization, Partnership development, Improvement and resubmission in case of rejection.


Assimakis Chadoumellis:  asschad@mail.ntua.gr

Αnastasia Mpoukouvala: a.mpoukouvala@attica.gr




In the premises of LTCP, a few meters from the entrance of the site, operates the cafe- bistro "Galaria".
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Building infrastructure
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The office of the Ombudsman handles specific complaints by investors related to State services during the licensing procedure of their investment projects.

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