The Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park (LTCP) operates as an individual legal entity of private right under the corporate name of “NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS ASSET MANAGEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION  (NTUA AMDC)”. The sole share of the Company, which is indivisible and non-transferable, is owned by the NTUA. The company’s board of directors consists of nine regular and nine alternate members from the Teaching and Research Staff of the NTUA.

The day-to-day responsibility for the operation and the development of the Park is undertaken by the Company’s LTCP Office, whose Managing Committee consists of the Chairman Prof. K. Moutzouris, faculty of Civil Engineering and the Vice Chairman Prof. D. Kaliampakos, faculty of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy.

Members of Board Directors

Regular Member


Alternate Members

Prof. Κ. Moutzouris,

Chairman, Faculty of Civil Engineering

Prof. V. Koumousis

Prof. D. Kaliampakos

Vice Chairman, Faculty of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy

Prof. I. Paspaliaris

Prof. P. Cottis

Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Prof. I. Stathopulos

Prof. S.E.Rogdakis

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. D. Papantonis

Prof. I. Polizos

Faculty of Architecture

Assistant Prof. N. Belavilas

Prof. A. Moutsatsou

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Assiatant Prof. G. Mavrotas

Assistant Prof. E. Dimopoulou

Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering

Associate Prof. C. Potsiou 

Associate Prof. Ε. Kontou

Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Physics

Associate Prof. A. Fellouris

Prof. S. Mavrakos

Faculty of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Brief CVs of the staff

Asimakis Chadoumellis holds a Msc degree in Mechanical Engineering, University of Patras and a Master in Business Administration (MBA)” from Athens LBA. He has worked previously as Project Consultant in Talos Engineering S.A. and as Consultant - Business Analyst in REMACO S.A. He is the Site Manager of the LTCP since the October of 1998.

Olga Seni attained a Diploma Degree from the faculty of Architecture of National Technical University of Athens. She also holds a Masters degree from the “ECOLE DES HAUTES ETUDES EN SCIENCE SOCIALES” (scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation). She has worked as a free Architect (new buoldings, rehabilitations), as a researcher (C.N.R.S., NTUA) and as an employee of private right of the NTUA since 2000 as a rehabilitation supervisor and counselor architect at the LTCP.

Dr. Vasileios T. Protonotarios is a Chemical Engineer, graduated from NTUA, with a PhD in Soil Remediation Technologies, also conducted in NTUA, and possesses an MSc in Environmental Technology from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (U.M.I.S.T.). He has conducted 20 publications in Scientific Journals and Conferences. Today he works as an Environmental Consultant for Companies and Industrial Organizations, he provides consultancy on Integrated Pollution Prevention Control (IPPC), elaborates chemical and environmental studies for the Industry and Technical Companies and consultancy for EU financing regarding environmental projects. Dr. V. Protonotarios has also been certified as a professional trainer from Greek National Certification Centre. In the past he has worked as a chemical engineer in Public Power Corporation, Greek Army’s Chemical Laboratory and in the Laboratories of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of NTUA, while he has participated, as a scientific advisor, in four NTUA Research Projects. Finally, for three years, he was responsible for supervising the Laboratory Modules for the School of Chemical Engineering in NTUA.

Eva Tsitou has graduated the faculty of French Language & Literature and she is diplomas holder of Sorbonne II and Proficiency. In 1999 she started working in the secretarial position of the Engineering Department of the NTUA. In 2001 she became employee of private right and in 2006 she transferred in the LTCP in the same position.

Despina Balopita is a phd candidate in the school of Architecture of NTUA. She holds a Masters degree in “Library Management and Organization with emphasis on New Information Technologies” from the Ionian University and a Bsc degree in Cultural Technology and Communication, (field Museology) from the Aegean University. She is responsible for the communication of the LTCP to the public (coordination of special interest group visits in the LTCP) as well as the rehabilitation of CFML record.