Aims and scopes

The Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, is a pioneer project of the National Technical University of Athens, reutilising the installations of the old French Mining Company, in order to create a development pole in the region, gathering research and business activities. The site extends in 250.000 s-m. A little more than 1/3 is already restored and functions as a hi-tech business and cultural centre for the south-east Attica.

The area of LTCP is a unique monument of industrial architecture and archeology and in its premises a series of housing facilities are available for the establishment of cutting edge technological entreprises. The housing of business and research activities is made possible in two principle modes; under a lease contract or under an investment project of the interested company for a particular building so as to adapt the characteristics of the available space to their specific needs. In the latter case the whole project is monitored and finally approved by the Technical Department of the NTUA.

LTCP aims both at linking scientific and technological research carried out within the NTUA with the needs and interests of the producing business and the subsistence of the educational process with relevant experience gained from this connection. FUrthermore , it aims at the cultural promotion of the history and culture of the wider region of Lavrion as well as the history and heritage of the facilities in which is housed today, by undertaking a number of activities and cultural events.

The plural targets of the venture could be summarised to the following:
  • To contribute to the elaboration of a business acumen and the promotion of a structure beneficent to the creation, the development and the function of business activity in the field of new technologies. To interpret the content of the space and to evaluate, through the experience of the recent past, the special factors that can favour such a structure
  • To highlight the culture content of the space and to associate it with the development demands of the region
  • To create the suitable institutional and material conditions for the transfer and the commercial development of university knowledge (environment of reciprocal support and reinforcement).
  • To bring the university, the production and the society in a developing cooperation, capable to work out not only on a national level, but also on an international one
  • To design and to implement a new system of communication that, beside the existing ones, could offer the opportunity to enterprises to install their activities out of the metropolitan zone, without sacrificing their needs in facilities

What is, in fact, produced is an environment. One structure, which consists of the link mechanisms, benefits and services undertaken to facilitate the creation of modern entrepreneurship. It aims at providing support and continuity in projects of technological research and development. Its origin comes from the university and precisely for that reason it can promote entrepreneurship based on knowledge. Nevertheless it is grown and developed in the territory who has probably the largest and the longest industrial experience in the country.