Enhance Skills in StartUps for wastE iN Circular Economy
Funded under the Erasmus + Strategic Partnerships Program

The ESSENCE project identifies preliminarily three main skills areas to be improved:

1) Entrepreneurial skills to seize the opportunities of circular economy processes, focused on the waste usage sector;

2) Management skills to ensure preparation to deal with adaptation and changes in the phases of re-directing the classical economy model toward a green/circular/sustainable integrated system;

3) Core skills such as ability to learn and to innovate.

This means empowering the trainers of future entrepreneurs and enhancing the knowledge of policy makers by supplying support material for policy-makers will be the main ways of the project, hoping to promote a new paradigm shift in these markets.

The project will reach different categories of persons, in particular professionals coming from incubators, green enterprises, accelerators, universities and research centers. The outputs will be useful to improve the professional lives and careers of entrepreneurial trainers, startup Coaches, potential and actual entrepreneurs and also Policy Makers as indirect impact. The project will start on September 1st 2017 and will span for 25 months until September 30th 2019.

Project partners:

Lead – Chamber of Commerce Italy-Denmark (Denmark)

Cooperation Bancaire pour L’Europe (Belgium)

FVB The Hive (Italy)

Funiber (Spain)

Lavrion Technological Cultural Park (Greece)

Dept. of Environment Aarhus University (Denmark)