Innovation in LTCP

The Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, as the other innovation centers is a body of promoting and strengthening scientific research and services. Its primary objective is to "enhance" innovative - technology and business.

Innovation centers like LTCP constitute the beginnings of new business focusing in state-of-the-art technology for the effective denaturing of innovations at a commercial and business success. Through the supporting infrastructure and services they contribute in a substantial way in the rapid consolidation and development of business forms, such as:
  • The completion of innovative ideas, products, services, processes, as well as the business using the results of scientific and technological research.
  • The constructive association of Knowledge Production Organizations with Businesses.
  • The development, renewal and the broadening of range of products and services, as well as methods of production, supply and distribution.
  • The introduction of new methods of organization and management in enterprises.
  • The acquisition of new knowledge and its dissemination, as well as the provision of any kind of services, scientific, technological and educational counseling, including the training of specialized personnel in enterprises and generally to any interested person or body.
  • The attraction and establishment of companies, businesses or parts of business forms and networking with other foreign companies.
  • The attraction of foreign investments in high technology sectors.
Innovation Centers usually attract newly created or bussiness units under development in order:
  • To establish and develop their organization scheme.
  • To complete and to patent their innovative products.
  • To develop and test the business plan of their innovation.
  • To implement the marketing and exploitation plan of their innovation.

In the direction described above the activities that could be distinguished in the LTCP's support package are as follows:

Research - Production
  • The increase in the consistency of the local production system, strengthening networks of cooperation between institutions of financial activities.
  • The technological modernization of enterprises already in the market.
  • The attraction of research investments.
Administration Services
  • Business organization.
  • Provision of specialized consultants.
  • Evaluation of the services provided by companies.
  • Communication between business units and the wider social and business environment.
  • Logistics support.
  • Secretarial support.
  • Advertising and publicity actions.
  • Search, assessment of grants and funding possibilities.
  • Financial and legal services.

Technology Transfer
  • Strengthen and support of business operations in the region.
  • Promotion, introduction and development of innovative products and services, as well as, transfer and assimilation of technology.
  • Information and communication on issues related to new products, technologies, materials management and production.
  • Research and exchange of ideas towards a possible commercial exploitation.
  • Market research.
  • Efficient communication between businesses and bodies capable to exploit new products and innovative ideas.
  • Mediation services and networking between businesses, research centers, etc.
  • Access to networks and databases.

  • Organization of seminars, educational programs and scientific conferences to exchange ideas along facilitating the highest scientific training of managers and the staff of enterprises.
  • Organization programs in the direction of facilitating new business graduates from universities and technology institutes.
  • Organization for educational exchange programs with universities and companies in other countries.