Companies in LTCP

Company for the Utilisation and Management of the NTUA Property
The company has been empowered with the organization, management and operation of the Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park with respect to the contract (31/12/1992) between the National technical University of Athens and the Hellenic Public Real Estate Corporation according to which the propety of the former French Mining Company of Lavrion is transfered to the NTUA. (

KB IMPULS HELLAS S.A. is one of the largest service providers, satellite and wireless communication solutions in East and Southern Europe. The company has excellent telecom infrastructure and it is strategically interconnected to several international and local telephony providers. The core activities of KB Impuls Hellas are: special projects (Army, Banking, Maritime), audio & video broadcasting, global communication services (Terrestrial leased lines circuits, Voice, Internet), VSAT services (corporate networking), IP backbone connectivity via satellite, teleport facilities.(

The main targets of PyroGenesis are Technological Development, Production and Commercialization of New Technologies and Products in the field of Advanced Materials, using Thermal Spraying Technologies. The company develops anti-wear and anticorrosion coatings in a wide spectrum of industries and applications, such as aerospace, military, nuclear fusion, electric utility and metal processing applications. The degradation of materials is typically associated with the surface properties. Thermal spray is the most flexible, and in many cases, the most economic approach for the restoration of worn industrial components. ( )

ATP LABORATORY UNIT With the construction of the ATP Laboratory in Lavrion, which is accredited according to ISO17025 by the National Board of Accreditation the quality of transport containers is ensured. Thus the greek exports are secured concerning the reliability of the equipment and the refrigerated conditions of the transported goods are now ensured. (

Industrial Educational Museum 
The Handicraft – Industrial Educational Museum is a non-profit educational and cultural organisation based inside the grounds of the Technological and Cultural Park in Lavrion. The objective of the Handicraft – Industrial Educational Museum is to collect, preserve, research and exhibit material, for educational proposes, which relate to the handicraft and industrial past of the region and also by extension to the technological, economic, social and cultural history of Greece. (

Environmental Education Center
The objective of C.E.E. is to educate and inform students, teachers and public on environment issues, such as environmental archaeology, industrial heritage. (

A clear vision, a cleaner environment with the power of light”, that’s the moto of NANOPHOS S.A. The company aims to satisfy the need for a clean and hygienic environment in an innovative, low-cost, environmentally- friendly and everlasting way. Its products have applications in routine activities with powerful effects such as a nanotechnology-based chemical coating that makes surfaces self-cleaning, self-sterilizing and anti-fogging. The company’s first and innitial goal is its entrance to the ceramic tiles market. ( )

ASTROFOS LtD was established in 2007 aiming at designing, manufacturing and trading high technology light systems. Astrofos has developed an innovative LED-based lighting system. Three years of research led to a wireless lighting platform capable of controlling LED sources.  In fact we can have absolute control via mobile, palm, pc, etc on color, luminosity, effect at one or more LED light bulbs. All this in the easiest way: Wireless. Astrofos lighting platform takes advantage of all features of LED's technology without compromises and in the easiest way. No need for expensive and complicated controllers - no need for wiring – user friendly plug and play LED lighting system. Since its foundation, the company is situated in BIC of Attica Incubator, in the Technological and Cultural Park in Lavrio.

Environmental Measurements Laboratory 
It constitutes a unique case of laboratory specialising in environmental measurements in Greece. Equiped with up to date measuring devices aims to support the soil restoring project in LTCP now in progress.(

Q-FREE focuses on Road User Charging (telepass). In this field, the Q-FREE is the largest company in many countries, which provides telecommunications services and products aiming at increasing the profits of transport management. The Q-FREE technology introduced the Free Transit System (Free Flow - Mlff System) in which vehicles can pay tolls without stopping at specific stations or reducing their speed. (

Companies in LTCP
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