Business Categories

The business units and enterprises that have one of the following legal forms can be established in the LTCP:

  • Natural entities
  • Enterprises (or organizations in general)
  • Joint co-operations


Furthermore, in their business plan and overall function, they should:

  • Accept through their operation plan and aim at the production of innovations, which could contribute  to:
       i. the renewal and broadening the range of products and services or
      ii. the enhanced production, supply and distribution or
      iii. introducing changes in the organization and management.
  • Operate by aiming to link research and innovative technology development into the broader area of production.
  • Contribute to the planned activities of LTCP, highlighting innovation as a process of creating new entities, as well as, innovation promotion.


Businesses whose action are consistent with the character of the LTCP, are included in the following categories:

  • Manufacturing companies.
  • Enterprises of energy production from alternative sources.
  • Enterprises (laboratories) of applied industrial, energy, mining, etc. research.
  • Enterprises of technology development and industrial projects.
  • Enterprises of high-tech services
  • Enterprises of software development.