Support services

LTCP is backed by skilled, experienced and qualified staff which is a flexible network support services to the occupants in this business. Moreover, the relationship between LTCP and the NTUA and its laboratories, enabling easy access to valid and specific scientific information, support and provide the basis for the further development of cooperation in advanced technology.

Other services

  • Security (24 hours a day)
  • Street and Space Cleaning
  • Garden maintenance
  • Specialized workforce for maintenance of buildings (outsourcing) and facilities

In the phase of full preparedness the Park, apart from the general-care services and cleanliness of the facilities that exist today, will be offering a significant number of functions and services to businesses without fixed charges, but at the ad hoc tariff and in accordance with the needs and the wishes of the company. These services include:

  • Administrative - Secretary service
  • Management - Investment Advice (optimization of investment projects, accounting support, legal advice, market surveys, etc.).
  • Link centers with high-risk financing
  • Research - Technology services (collaboration between the research departments of companies in the laboratories of EMP, special investigations, mediation work between EMP and businesses, etc.)
  • Information services (databases, library, connection to the network of NTUA and general network services, scientific journals, etc.)
  • Use of specific sites and high-tech infrastructure (conference rooms, video room, etc.)
  • Specific services (teleshopping and telecommuting opportunities, etc.)
  • Education (organization of training seminars, workshops, etc.)
  • Recreation (sports facilities, restaurant, cofe, etc.)