The complex of the former French Lavrion Mines Company (Companie Française des Mines de Laurium) is a unique monument of industrial archeology and architecture in terms of scale and the fact that almost its entire building infrastrucure and large part of the mechanical equipments are preserved and restored. The whole complex (buildings, equipment) has been declared as "newer monument" by the Greek Ministry of Culture.
The creation of LTCP was tne onset for the restoration - reconstruction of the historical facilities of the French Mining Company. The total area of the LTCP site is about 250,000 sq.m in which three distinct building complexes exist. About 18 buildings have been restored with a total area of 13,000 sq.m. The total area allocated to the housing of businesses is about 10,000 sq.m. while 3,000 sq.m. house and support the administrative and cultural uses of the Park.

Thus, the LTCP has:

  • 100-seat lecture room with audiovisual equipment (video, dvd, video projector, large screen, sound ampl. PC, slide projector) in the Farmakion building.
  • Four seminar rooms, with a capacity of 20 persons each, fully equipped, on the ground floor of the Villa Serpieri.
  • Open-air auditorium, seating capacity of about 500 people in the stands and equal opportunity to seat placement in the "orchestra" area.
  • Several outdoor spaces for events (garden Villa Serpieri, Michanourgeio plaza, etc.).
  • Hall, 580 sq.m. with audiovisual equipment (video, dvd, video projector, large screen), sound ampl., slide projector), at the Michanourgio building. The hall is located in contact with the "Gallaria" cafe which can also accommodate restaurant services.

Infrastructures in the wider region


The infrastructures in the wider region are a key factor supporting the efforts of LTCP. These are:

  • The Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos".
  • The road axis of Attiki odos - Pallini - Lavrion.
  • The new port of Lavrion.

Particularly in terms of transport infrastructure, in the near future is expected to fully upgrade the continuation of the Attiki Odos and the suburban railway to the town of Lavrio.

These facilities are complemented by equally important projects in the region of Lavrion, such as:

  • Fiber optic network (HTO)
  • ISDN and ADSL networks
  • Satellite Telecommunication Center ( "Unitel" - TWIN PEAK, LTCP)
  • Lavrion Marina (OLYMPIC MARINE)
  • Halls events and exhibitions
  • Outdoor Theater in the LTCP

Furthermore, because of the integral cultural dimension of LTCP, it is worth noting the proximity of the site with:

  • The "Poseidon temple" at Sounion
  • The ancient theater of "Thorikos"
  • The "Archaeological Museum" of Lavrion
  • The "Mineralogy Museum" Lavrio
  • The "Mineralogy Museum" of St. Kostantinos
  • Tην αίθουσα "Eυτέρπη"
  • ΤThe Hall (Cultural Center) of the Municipality of Lavrio
  • The archaeological excavations at the site of "Ancient Metallurgic Plintiria"