Building Infrastructure

LTCP has restored a bumber of buildings, based on the original plans, while retaining their original character but providing modern infrastructure and amenities. These buildings are available for hire from technology companies. In parallel, there are still shells, the restoration of which has not yet be implemented and possible interested investors could cover the restoration expences offsetting the lease rates.

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Buildings Database

Description and photos from all buildings included in the facilities of the Park

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ID: 0

Name: Ερευνητικό Εργαστήριο Υδρογόνου

Area: m2

Description: Το εργαστήριο, στο πλαίσιο του ερευνητικού προγράμματος Η2SusBuild, έχει σκοπό την παραγωγή υδρογόνου από ανανεώσιμες πηγές ενέργειας. Κύριος στόχος είναι η δημιουργία ενός "ενεργειακά αυτόνομου" κτιρίου που εκμεταλλεύεται τις ανανεώσιμες πηγές ενέργειας και το αέριο υδρογόνο, ως "καθαρό" μέσο αποθήκευσης της ενέργειας.

Past Use: Νέο κτίριο

Current Use: Το κτίριο έχει μισθωθεί από το "Ερευνητικό Εργαστήριο Υδρογόνου" με επιστημονικό υπεύθυνο τον κ. Γιάννη Πασπαλιάρη, Καθηγητή της Σχ. Μηχανικών Μεταλλείων Μεταλλουργών ΕΜΠ.

Available for Hire: Όχι

ID: 1

Name: Concierge service

Area: 20m2

Description: Storey mixed construction of reinforced concrete, masonry and metallic roof.

Past Use: The building used to serve for weighting the imported and exported products. Outdoors, are rescued the 60tn weighbridge and the oil and gasoline tanks, covering the premises needs.

Current Use: LTCP

Available for Hire: No

ID: 2

Name: Guest house (or administration services or Director’s house)

Area: 312,28m2

Description: Two-storey building with garden and yard. Ιt is made of masonry and has wooden roof. It has a basement and an auxiliary edifice in the yard. The historical building is surrounded of two new made storey aisles, wards in “L” shape. Nine independent rooms there are available for accommodation.

Past Use: The building was initially used as the Director’s dwelling. Later it housed the administration services of the company or, later, it was used as a Guest House.

Current Use: The Center for Environmental Education of Lavrio is settled here. The institution conducts educational programs for school groups. The ground floor is used for educational functions, while the rest of the building serves as scholars’ accommodation.

Available for Hire: No

ID: 3

Name: "Villa Serpieri " - Administration Offices

Area: Ground floor:388,15, Floor:306.08m2

Description: Description: Two-storey residence, with load-bearing structure of masonry and a wooden roof. Small outbuildings of brickwork, with wooden roofs and a classical style garden, on the east side, complete the ensemble.

Past Use: Initially, the villa was built as Serpieri’s family residence. Practically, it hosted the administration offices of the firm.

Current Use: LTCP Administration offices, Seminar Rooms (ground floor)

Available for Hire: The seminar rooms on the ground floor are rented, as appropriate.

ID: 4

Name: Pharmacy

Area: Floor:141,72, Ground floor:89,97m2

Description: Storey / two-storey urban style building with basement. The load bearing structure is of masonry. Ιt is covered by with wooden ceramic-tiled roof.

Past Use: Initially the building operated as the firm’s pharmacy and later as the firm's Records.

Current Use: Seminar rooms of multiple use (floor and ground floor)

Available for Hire: Yes, as appropriate.